Friday, February 26, 2010

White Adoration

There is something so appealing about pure white interiors…

...With the oh so necessary, yet very subtle pops of colour.


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  1. dude, i would have to wear a full latex suit to ensure i left no finger prints or foot prints (lolz) ...a suit similiar to the one lady gaga wears in her music video 'bad romance' ---- i could actually imagine her in this flawless interior!

    white on white has got a very distinct appeal.

    i love the open door in the third image ...white on white opening up onto natures flashy palette ...wonderful contrast.

    white gives you his idea of a very germ free enviornment. clinical. simple & elegant.

    i would throw in some lemon yellow cushions (especially in the second image) --- for some reason it makes me a feel a little cold inside. the yellow (the colour of most of my favourite foods) would put me at ease!

    great post.
    enjoyed this one!