Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Movie Night

Every week for a good couple of years now, Tuesday has been "Movie Night". Last night I finally got the chance to see Avatar. Would you believe that it has been sold out constantly since its release...well at least all the good seats have been taken... It really was such a visually beautiful movie - was it worth all the hype though? What do you think?


  1. I hoped you watched it in 3-d!!

  2. i personally loved the movie. i was not entirely amped to go & watch it & was not really involved in following the hype around it ...i would love to have seen it in 3D however the theatre showing the 3D version was fully booked. I settled for standard viewing...and was not disappointed. 30 minutes into movie i was rivetted and 2 and a half hours later was impressed with the imaginative visual effects and the story line (despite the pins & needles in my left bum cheek, cinema seats are no joy). i felt it showed just how destructive humans are --- always ruining beautiful things. I am no fan of the human race. I could have hidden away in the cinema for hours longer hoping to be whisked away to the extraordinary world of Pandora where I could have my own mountain banshee to ride through the Hallelujah Mountains. I would give the movie a 9/10, i am no movie critic but i really enjoyed the awesome visual effects & stimulating storyline ...i was not bored for 1 minute!

  3. I was also not really amped to go and see it, although I felt I should as a result of all the hype...I did watch it in 3D, and think that's what made it for me (despite the fact that my glasses had some seriously hard plastic bits that cut into my nose).