Tuesday, April 16, 2013

About Me

In the post Moving Along I wrote about how the company I am working at would be closing down at the end of April – As much as I would like to say it came as a complete shock to me, if I am honest, there were many signs that the business was not doing well. I suppose I was in denial, and remained optimistic. Once I had received my letter of retrenchment, I updated my CV, and began the search for a new job. I was inspired by an article my brother sent me from The New York Times, which I posted in Sell Yourself, and shortly after that wrote a piece about me…

I sneak around in sneakers, and scale great heights in heels. I adapt to a multitude of environments in black, leopard print and floral. I admire the modesty of inverted pleats, appreciate the thoughtfulness of bound seams, and the charm of covered buttons. I consider Chambray the lighter denim that could, and think on the mulberry leaves consumed while spinning silk. I sit in front rows at fashion shows throughout major cities, resort to ready to wear, critiquing ranges from Azzedine Alaïa to Zac Posen.

I host cooking shows while exploring the kitchens of world famous chefs, a gastronomist in my own right. I passionately brew world famous coffee, and drink fine wines based on the ingenuity of the packaging.  

I perform at night clubs in Paris in the 1950’s alongside Edith Piaf, singing words to songs sung in a language I can’t speak. I enjoy travel - the arrivals, the departures, the hellos and goodbyes. I spend Friday nights at the airport, writing books based on the lives of the people who randomly pass me by. I read books, and fondly illustrate them in my mind. I am an inventor, an artist - I paint poetry.

I am an excellent teacher, and an even better learner. A curious mind, with a limitless imagination. A hopeless romantic, certain that all things should be done with love. I believe that only boring people get bored, in a world filled with wonder.

Fortunately, I have found a new job, beginning in May. I am going back to a company I worked at just after I graduated. I am relieved and excited to be working with some familiar faces again.