Thursday, February 6, 2014

Write Something Today

As you may have noticed, the frequency of my posts has depleted to a near non-existent level.

I mentioned that when things do not go as I had planned, they tend not to go at all, but I realise that there is a much bigger issue than this…

Every time I sit down to write, an activity that I really enjoy…or at least enjoyed – It just feels like everything I say is so cliché – every introduction, every description; a line used far too many times, by far too many people.

The amount of saved word documents that scatter my desktop, covering loads of topics, which I abandon two paragraphs in, due to the over-use of words or phrases, actually astounds me.

To suggest I read more books seems a very valid solution – surely filled with inspiring writing, never seen before descriptions, and barely used words – However, a brilliant piece of writing makes me realise how far from a good writer I am.

Fear of failure, and the inability to do something, without even trying, are some more of my biggest hindrances… I don’t even give myself the chance to better myself -

The more I think about it, the more ridiculous it seems – but I feel this is probably one of the best platforms for honesty, with myself and others.

So that being said, I have decided to keep writing, despite the nauseating clichés I may make use of. I will try things, that I may fail at… who knows, I may succeed…but is it really the worst thing not to? And I will do things that I enjoy, even if I am absolutely rubbish at them.