Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sasha Pivovarova

Is she not one of the most gorgeous human beings you have ever seen...especially in this shoot by Hedi Slimane for Paris Vogue, April 2008.

Pictures courtesey of Fashion Gone Rogue.

I'll tell you this much, you don't get a figure like that from eating "Delicious Cheese Crakers"...



  1. she needs to be fed ...seriously, is this what is considered to be beautiful?

    and not...

    Dita Von Teese
    Sophie Dahl
    Juliette Lewis
    Lady Gaga
    Salma Hayek (i am totally in love with her! actually with all of the woman i just mentioned ...)

    there are a plethora of female beauties that far out do this waif like child.

    personal choice i suppose.

    she has no features that stand out, nothing exciting or different ---this lady is far too slender in all the wrong places! she would not capture my attention for more than 5 seconds (and that is a lot!). i find her 'model' look common and over done. the large over sized mouth on a skull with watery deer like eyes & just got outta bed hair ...dull.

    i'd choose your cheese crackers over her anyday!

    i'd choose you over her anyday!
    *Frank-tastic has superb taste in my opinion*


  2. PS: that aint a 'figure' by the way!

  3. I want a little boys chest :)
    Appreciate your comments...was beginning to think you had forgotten about never land xxx

  4. *smilezzz* i would never forget about never never land wonderful wandylockz, i have just been painfully busy with work ...*sigh*

    PS: the adolescent look is appealing, on young boys O.o (lolz)