Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Perfect Wedding

I am pretty sure that from the time a little girl is old enough to comprehend the stuff of fairy tales, she has in her mind an idea of the day she will one day get married to her very own prince charming.

For me, this fantasy was pink, with a giant meringue wedding dress – In fact, I am sure I still have the magazine cut out of the dress I was sure I would wear by the time I was married at the age of 21. This was the age that I had decided it was best to get married; it would give me ample time to enjoy my husband before we had children, by 23.

As I steadily head toward 30 –unmarried- I no longer have deadlines in place and the idea of my perfect wedding has changed dramatically, as has my belief in the existence of prince charming. I do however still dream of the big day as I diligently pin pictures to my wedding board on Pinterest (Admit it, you have one too).

I came across the below wedding on Pinterest (originally from on Wedding Chicks), and I really wanted to share it (It clearly inspired a post on my neglected blog). 

I think it is just perfect.  The perfect venue, the perfect wedding dress, the prefect flowers, the perfect table setting. All captured so beautifully by Youri Claessens. It is bright and colourful, yet humble and understated – I just love it.