Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Happenings

Yet another weekend with a valuable lesson learned…

After signing a one year lease, and paying copious amounts of money for admin, and deposits - my then, soon to be room mate sent me an sms at 2’ o clock in the morning to inform me that he could no longer live with me. Why oh why could he not have come to this ground-breaking decision on Tuesday, the day before I had signed the lease? Why oh why could he not have called me and discussed it in an adult manner? Why oh why did he choose a time like 2’o clock to inform me of his choice? Why, because he has no idea of the severity of the situation he has put me in, he has no idea about the implications of legal documentation. As for discussing it in an adult manner, it is quite clear that he does not have an adult mentality, nor understand the workings of the adult world, and clearly why the coward chose to inform me at 2 ‘o clock in the morning via sms, while no doubt extremely pissed…
Lesson learned, there are very few people in the world that you can rely on, and your safest bet is yourself.

Onward and upward from here. I am now looking for a place to rent on my own, no worries about being let down by a second party…

On the bright side, at least I can take a break from packing, which in itself taught me to stop hording unnecessary bits and shits, as well as the value of filing immediately instead of letting paperwork pile up.

Despite the unfortunate lessons that had to be learned, I had a good weekend. As always, the Team of Single Glory was out in full force, having fun in trashy venues… Love it! Also got to spend some time with my mom and my Gran- three generations- which is always so special!

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