Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wonders of Winter

I must be honest; I am by far a summer girl rather than a winter girl… I love the warm weather, bright colours, and variety of items that can be worn in summer. Shorts, skirts, beautiful, floaty summer dresses, adorable little sandals… Don’t get me wrong, I understand that one can wear many of these items in winter too, although I constantly find myself leaning towards my staple jeans and boots with an oversized jersey, more often than not in my monochromatic colour palette- for the sake of warmth rather than aesthetics.

None the less, winter still has its appeal…Warm baths, followed by warm beds, gorgeous boots, fabulous coats, both in an array of shapes and styles, as well as the disappearance of various flying and crawling insects. That said I have decided to dedicate this post to some of the wonders of winter...

 Keep warm friends xxx

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