Friday, July 23, 2010

Stella-r Gym Wear

I have recently got back into my gym routine, and have even ventured into trying new classes. As a fashion designer, clothing is of great importance to me, and who wouldn’t feel that much more inspired while donning fab work out gear. Yesterday I embarked on a mission to find above mentioned fab work out gear, only to be terribly disappointed! Everything looks exactly the same, and is made in the same dreary fabrics, in the same dull range of colours…and if it is not, it is so over branded, and ridiculously colourful that even a chav would be weary. I wonder why active wear designers or the buyers thereof don’t experiment a little, and try new things… It really begs the question - is the consumer to blame? Am I the only person who feels that silhouette and detailing matter in my gym wear as well? Have a look at some of the gorgeous pieces Stella McCartney designed for Adidas. Proof that gym wear can be striking, without being overbearing, funky, yet tasteful, and unique, while maintaining functionality.


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