Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bedside Bliss

It has been over a month now, and our bedroom is still incomplete. I still do not have bedside tables... It has become an obsession now, every bedroom decor picture I look at, I am instantly drawn to the bedside table.
This all began when my brilliant idea of using butler's trays as bedside tables was rejected by Mr. Makebelieve, on the grounds that he needs drawers. Let me take this moment to mention that he has but a glass of water next to his bed, and the most gorgeous lamp, which he never uses. So in lieu of my obsession, below are some dreamy options.

I could most definitely use some more room for my immense shoe collection.

How gorgeous is this exotic piece, apparently used in the set of "Gossip Girl". The fabulous lamp pictured on the table is also something I have long desired... In fact, seeing it here has just made my mind up - I MUST HAVE IT!

I can't even begin to express the many ways in which I am in love with this fabulous piece of furniture.
After sending this very picture to my mom, plans are underway to re-create this object of my desire.

I enjoy the make shift option used above, I am currently using an old stool next to my bed...I bet you this much, my glass of water would never be as steady on the cushiony surface.

This is also really beautiful, and appears to be quite a low budget workable option.

I intend scouring the second hand stores around Johannesburg this weekend, in the hope of finding some glorious, low cost options.

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