Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Covetable Kitchens

I live in an old flat. Generally speaking the older flats are much bigger than the more modern homes, being built to try and fit as many people into a square meter as possible.

We have a giant lounge, with ample room for our sparse furniture – it’s great – Spacious. If we decided to turn the space into a dance floor after a dinner party, it would transition with ease. Our massive room is so light and airy. The fact that we do not have a king size bed is just a waste of the space.

Despite the size of the two main living areas of the flat – I very often question the architects thinking when designing the place… Now, I don’t claim to be an expert – But the use of the space is just plain impractical.

We have a cricket pitch length bathroom, with a separate toilet that one needs to straddle in order to close the door.

But the most frustrating area of the whole place – which for the record, I adore, really – is the kitchen. It is tiny, and one of the most impractical rooms in the whole flat. It is the epitome of wasted space.  I love spending time in the kitchen, cooking and baking - so it is such a shame that the smallest room in our home is the kitchen… None the less, I make do – occasionally feeling overwhelmed, piping hot dish in hand, no counter space, shouting profanities after bashing my shin while shimmying between an open oven and poorly positioned island.

So you can imagine the rich shade of emerald I turned when I gazed upon these beautiful little kitchens (here). So cleverly optimizing even the smallest spaces. 

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Such gorgeous, practical ideas.

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