Monday, January 30, 2012

Goodbyes & Beginnings

Dear Friends,
A whole week has passed since I last posted on my beautiful blog…and a crazy week it was.

On Monday we were told about financial difficulty in our company, and that the many of our positions had been made redundant. Soon after our meeting we each received a letter detailing the positions that were redundant, and there I was.

The very next day I found out that an old friend of mine had died of a heroine over-dose, after many years battling addiction. Being Jewish, she was buried the next day, in a very emotional ceremony.

By Thursday I had received the official letter detailing my retrenchment, as well as confirmation that I would not be receiving any form of severance package.

It has not been all bad though. After hearing of my retrenchment, my sister-in-law suggested I fly to London for a month. I will get to see my brother, and my beautiful baby niece, as well as help my fabulous sister-in-law out with her businesses, Tabitha and Project D.

I have been on a mission trying to sort out my Visa, as well as cursing Mr. Makebelieve and his European Passport. The process was pretty simple, and if all goes well, I will be picking up my Visa by the end of this week, and on a plane to London on Friday night.

During this time I intend keeping up with my New Years Resolutions, which are listed below, more as a reminder to me than anything.
  1. Blog more (I will try not to let you down)
  2. Take more photos (This should be easy, especially with a new niece)
  3. Read more (Got my books ready to be packed)
  4. Spend more time outdoors (Although it is cold, I know that there will be a lot of walking)
  5. Gym at least three times a week (Could be tough, but will see if I can make a plan)
  6. Be more disciplined with my eating plan (This shouldn't be a problem)
  7. Pay off debt (Not gonna happen)
  8. Save money (No job, therefore, no money..again, not gonna happen)
  9. Be more creative (I hope the work I do will facilitate this one)
  10. Make the most of life (This is as spontaneous as it gets)
I am sad to leave the people I have met at this job, even though I have only been here for a short while, I have made some great friends. I am worried about finding another job, and nervous about getting to know new people, and learn new processes. I am excited about the possibilities, and hopeful that the things to come are bigger and better than anything I have experienced so far. I am certain that the friends I have made will remain a part of my life.

It was terribly sad to have to say goodbye to a young, smart and incredibly talented friend. Although, I know she has finally found peace.
I will never forget her, and her smile.
"I want to be free.
Have that inner peace to just be.
To be chilled and not self-willed.
New things and new challenges can be exciting in life.
Unless I allow fear to stab me with a knife.
I look forward to change and to be in this game cause I came from the drain and don't want to go there again.
A new life awaits if I allow it to be
Just for today I want to be free.
I want to forgive and learn how to love.
The past is the past, so I won't let it bite me in the ass.
Let go and let God,
help me to be free cause active addiction took me to my knees."
Semara 30.03.1983 -24.01.2012
I am looking forward to seeing my family in London, and especially thrilled to meet my beautiful niece. I am so grateful to have such an amazing travel and working opportunity in a field I am so passionate about. I am sad to have to leave my wonderful Mr. Makebelieve, my precious mom (Nan) and my beautiful friends for this time, but look forward to fun times when I return.

It was a week filled with emotions, and I am glad that it is over. I am hopeful that going forward, the year will be filled with happiness, love, laughter, art and whimsy.


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