Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend in Pictures

This weekend, Mr. Makebelieve and I headed to Braamfontein to check out the Neighbourgoods Market. It was a huge success – The streets were bustling with crowds of people flocking to the market.

As I walked toward the market, my eye was immediately drawn to the interesting hanging bag planters along the wall – such an interesting way to add colour and greenery to the urban location.

There was a delicious array of food and drinks – Sweet Nutella pancakes and savoury oval pizzas, fruit smoothies and aromatic coffees… On the second floor of this parking garage in Juta Street we saw some fashion and jewelry, as well as more fresh produce. We sat on stools along the edge of the market and enjoyed Darling Beer & crowd watching.

We briefly popped into a friends shop in the colourful 70 Juta Street, and then went on to Kitcheners Carvery Bar. Kitcheners is over 100 years old and fitted with all its original trimmings and fittings – It really creates a feeling of nostalgia. After one or two regular priced beers (The beer at the market cost between R30-R35 a bottle), we went for some lunch at another one of Johannesburg’s oldest landmarks, The Zoo Lake Bowls Club.

It was a wonderful day, spent doing awesome things in our amazing city – Johannesburg.

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