Monday, September 27, 2010

A House Becomes a Home

For the past two weeks I have been packing, carrying, unpacking, washing, dusting, organising, and re-arranging our new little home. It has been an absolutely chaotic time, and I am only now beginning to feel as if I have made progress.

Of course the kitchen was the first place that I felt needed to be organised, and I set about doing that on the day of arrival. So many bits shits that needed to be carefully unwrapped and washed before placing them in just the right place.

After a morning of digging through numerous black bags filled with clothing, and finally deciding on a rather questionable outfit, I decided that I needed to squeeze all my clothes and shoes into my newly downsized cupboard…

All the while, Mr. Makebelieve has set up his PC, and connected it to the Hi-Fi :)

After two days of pleading, Mr. M finally managed to find some time to assemble the roller drawers for our bathroom, which has nothing but a teeny tiny medicine cabinet above the basin. This cabinet can barely fit a toothbrush in it, let alone copious amounts of lotions and potions necessary for my day to day beautifying routine.

My Mom came over baring a hilty tool (I think this is how you spell it, goodness knows spell check doesn’t recognise it), a hammer and two of my favourite pictures… and ended up organising and re-arranging the study, dining room and lounge area- finally showing me the light at the end of the… errr… boxes.

Mr. M has fixed our leaky washing machine, and added some trap thing of sorts to the pipe which combats the smell of sewage seeping out, as well as extended the shower arm for better showering… such a handy man.

Our lounge is made up of various donations, and as of Sunday, finally found direction inspired by two of the most gorgeous scatter cushions.

The study has all its books organised neatly and categorically in their shelves, bringing the most beautiful array of knowledge and colour to the creative core of the home.

The bedroom has been the cause of many disagreements; I am clearly an extremely girly girl, admittedly obsessed with florals… This paired with Mr. M’s love of all things modern, black, and dare I say boring is the cause of much friction… As a result, our bedroom is an incomplete disaster.

We still have a way to go, but already our flat feels like home… The smell of freshly baked treats fills the passage, our favourite music plays night and day, the clickety clack of paws can be heard, but most importantly happiness is ever present.

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