Thursday, August 26, 2010

Quaint Kitchens

Good news… Mr. Makebelieve and I are moving into a gorgeous little flat together. It is in an old building, in a quiet little street and it is just the quaintest space. So once again I am paging through paperwork, wrapping and packing…and stressing about my soon to be exhausted budget.

I will post some pictures as soon as we move in, but in the mean time I will leave you with some gorgeous pictures of the most beautiful kitchens… coincidently, or not so coincidently, the kitchen happens to be my favourite place…Perhaps this has something to do with my love of all things food…


  1. Now these are contemporary overload! I mean, these are the sort of kitchens that are perfect for the fast-paced, modernist lifestyle we have nowadays. The last pic particularly looks like a perfect backdrop for a family movie.

    So how was the little flat you've moved in to, Wendy?

  2. My little flat is the loveliest :)
    The kitchen, despite being in an old building, is actually really modern. It is also the place where I spend most of my time.